Frame specifications.

The Nozem frame kit is suitable for a Suzuki GSXR1100 (W) Type 1995

Type: dragstyle/naked

Tubes: CNC banded, material: steel, quality S355
Brackets: Laser cute, material: steel, quality S355
Welded: By professional mig-mag welder, frame is welded in a steel mold/jig.

Original wheel bases: 1500mm
Nozem wheel bases: 1625mm

Original front suspension angle: 25 degrees
Nozem front suspension angle: 31,5 degrees*

The Nozem is 30mm lower and 125mm longer. 50mm longer at front and 75mm at the back. The original rear-axle and back suspension including there bearings are suitable in the Nozem frame.

*The original front suspension and bearings are suitable. The front angle changed and the centre of gravity is lowered.

The design of the Nozem takes more then two years. The steering and handling of the Nozem is fabulous. The Nozem is exclusive and will only be produced in limited addition.